Our first step was Mandawa, a tiny village. After nearly 6 hours to drive from 200 terminals we arrive at our hotel which is an ancient havelis that are ancient palaces with facades decorated with frescoes thousand It really is very pretty and colorful.

The next morning we quickly go around the city because we have a long road, and the first report is : we are indeed different. After taking some itinerant fruit market we have about the village square, It is early yet the frenzy is already present. It must be 7am and we are the attraction of the village … Finally especially Marie Sophie. They look at us, we inspect, ask us what country we come … Women have a look a little closed but when we smile their faces open and return us our smile.

We believe that having started Mandawa was good because it allowed us to not debuter by the extreme madness of New Delhi.

We drive to Bikaner is still almost 6 hour drive for a few kilometers. The roads are amazing … cows cross, camels or goats wander quietly

And we have to dodge but they remain unmoved. Drivers doubled in any direction, Klaxons have everything going , the roads are completely defeats, Finally, we are indeed in India. Our driver is a good driver even if we did a few scares … it seems that this is just the first days.

We arrive at Fort Bikaner … and finally we see some tourists. We discover the architecture of India , completely different from ours. The stone is cut incredibly beautiful way. There is no space without molding, without a story told, we remain well over 2 hours to visit this beautiful place so rich for photos or videos.

” Mickael does not know where to turn to make the best plans for our videos. So Marie Sophie must play model which does not displease him so ”

We ask the driver to make a big detour to visit the famous temple of rats. He is surprised because no one had ever asked him to visit the. Then this is with great pleasure that comes to visit with us. And stupor … more than 20 000 rats already swarming outside the temple … how awful. Hindus are to pray with them , a feed short this is very very impressive !!

Marie Sophie could not go inside the temple it was too disgusting, Rats are everywhere from floor to ceiling that teems. Everywhere they can eat small seeds and suddenly they feel very comfortable to breed naturally …

Outside Marie Sophie without her bodyguard Mickael is stormed … being the only “blanche” and especially blond round everyone wants his picture … it's just crazy, people approach so without asking permission and bent on a picture with her.

Often shoves the children in their arms for absolutely that’ and thus it affects the parents can have a picture of their children with her.

We are different people telllement. The men in the street always say to Michael that he has big muscles, he is strong ( The one knew 😜 ). People are always looking to have a physical or visual contact with us.

It is true that we feel a little oppressed. They are always behind our back and we did not know if it was because they wanted to rob us or just because they are very curious … we will understand later that they are just curious and want to know what there is in our bags, how is our camera, children want us to make pictures of them and then see their heads on the camera screen.

We leave Bikaner because we have to spend the night homestay … Our driver trying to make us a little bit afraid for us to go to sleep in the guest house where he has friends, certainly not to have to pay his night … already two days that we are with him and we quickly realized. Il faut bien gagner sa croute 😊

Yet our spirit of adventure or rather subconscious urges us to still go Homestays. We are always looking for a few thrills … this is a disease ?

So we arrive, after a short tuktuk because cars are not allowed in the old town, in Gouri and his wife … after a few moments of discovery for everyone and especially for us a good shower, we go up on the rooftop of his house and his wife made us a very good meal , Finally, not spicy for Marie Sophie , Gouri in very good English , finally understood . We talk for hours and Gouri very kindly offers to us his city the next day. Unfortunately we had to leave at 9am but what never mind we give you an appointment the next morning at 7am to do a little tour. What a joy to visit with someone who loves and knows the city by heart. It's incredible generosity of people, it always surprises us as much, this is so unusual in our so civilized countries …

After our tour we take the road quickly with our driver who had been so afraid for us as we slept Homestays … he will get used to it and yes we're not tourists apparently lambda.

We drive to Jaisalmer , the city to the desert doors.

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